What to Expect


Intimate Roundtables

These intimate group sessions (focus groups) are led by selected speakers.  In these optional sessions, you’ll benefit from more in-depth instruction on a number of pre-approved topics. Classes are limited to a small number of attendees and give you a chance to deep dive with a speaker and get your most burning questions answered.  

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Expert Speakers

Take advantage of expert panels of informative discussions from our top notch speakers designed to give you the fundamentals to help your business flourish.  Each of our speakers and panelists will offer you an enormous wealth of knowledge, ranging from business best practices to hands-on learning experiences.  You’ll also get a chance to dive deep with select speakers.  Get your questions ready for some intense discussion centered around the wedding industry and entrepreneurship!


Networking Dinner Parties

Networking is so important in any industry. But it can also be extremely intimidating.  At the retreat, you'll have the opportunity to finally meet creatives you've been engaging with on social media, plus plenty of new faces.   Put down your guard and open yourself up to new friendships. You never know where your next lead will come from. 

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Curated Experiences

Just like the stellar education and workshops, the experiences and people you’ll meet along the way are priceless.  Each evening you can expect a curated event.  From cocktail parties, to seated dinners to formal galas, the opportunity for inspiration and relationship-building is endless.  Bring plenty of business cards, and your dancing shoes as well!