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Tristan Barrocks - The Digital Storyteller

As a young man growing up, Tristan Barrocks has always exhibited a fascination with storytelling. Whether it was using film, the preforming or digital arts Tristan has always found a way to connect with people. This fascination matured into a profound desire to use media as a tool to motivate, inspire and give his audience another creative perspective. For over 15 years Tristan has been committed to refining his skills as a professional digital storyteller. After graduating with a Diploma in Digital Media Arts in 2007 from Seneca College, Tristan began working for multiple media production companies within the Greater Toronto Area. After experiencing success through several opportunities, he decided to start his own media company, thrusting him into entrepreneurship.

Since launching in 2010, Tristan has been internationally recognized as a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer with a focus on digital storytelling. He has produced films for distinguished organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society, Elevation Church and the Peel District School Board as well as worked with internationally recognized brands like Apple, and Foresight Group. He was awarded the New Emerging Artist Award and Best Music Video director at several Independent Film Festivals.

His expertise in having a unique and authentic storytelling approach has also opened up amazing opportunities to work with brands like Muna Luchi Bride, which has lead him to produce projects in South Africa, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bermuda, and all across the United States. Tristan continues to develop creative ideas through his company with a desire to tell some of the most important stories in society today. Tristan’s focus on preserving his clients voice while making genuine connections is his secret sauce.