L. Nicole McKenzie

Nicole has a background that includes six years on-board the USS Supply as an Engineer in the United States Navy, culminating in an Engineering degree followed by a Masters in Business Administration. Upon being brought onboard to MunaLuchi, Nicole strove to build relationships, create an open line of continuous communication, quicken response time, elevate expectations, offer consultations, set up educational tools for a new integrated dashboard platform, and continue planning for the future.

Nicole places a heavy emphasis on member communication and support, making herself available via phone and social media. “My goals are your goals. I am here to assist you in achieving your business aspirations and continue building the iconic wedding brand of MunaLuchi.”

Moving forward I will continue shaping the community of quality that is the Coterie - a cornerstone of the multicultural movement that is MunaLuchi, and reinforce the company foundations as we reach new heights. Together as a community through passion and inspiration we can all continue to expand and benefit from the ever expanding multicultural wedding market.

Nicole also has a passion for reaching the hearts of others by sharing her life story of her survival.  She’s had multiple speaking opportunities at The Kessler Institute in West Orange NJ as a motivational speaker--the place she lived for almost 9 months as she recovered from paralysis.