Guerdy Abraira

Guerdy Abraira was born in Haiti and at the tender age of one, her family decided to seek better opportunities and moved to Paris, France. At nine years old, her parents then decided that the United States, known as the land of opportunity, would be the best fit for their family and, thus, they moved to Miami, Florida.

As a persistent and confident girl who faced language barriers in her new home country, she knew that she would have to make the most of her situation. Despite initially aspiring to become a news anchor, she soon realized that she was great at hosting parties. But, upon realizing she reveled in multi-tasking and organizing plans of action in order to effectively execute projects, she shifted her focus and began pursuing a career as an event planner. Living and traveling throughout the world as she grew up, expanded her palette in fashion and design, which also helped her develop an eye for details and aesthetics.

Her first job was as a catering manager at a hotel, where she came to be known as the woman that could “sell water to a well” after she played a key role in tripling their projected catering budget. Soon after, she garnered a senior position in the events department at Fisher Island. It was an eye-opener with its luxurious amenities and international top affluent movers & shakers of the world. Through her love of the experience, she turned the events department into one of the most revenue-generating sources on the island. She then received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which allowed her to start her own company as a full-time independent wedding planner, as well as floral designer of her own events, giving her full scope of the hands-on experience.

She owned the floral & events studio on Fisher Island for 7 years, and then decided to move the floral company to Miami proper, due to the growing demand of clients in Florida. Today, her company Ocean Flowers & Events has become one of the top 5 event design firms in Florida. They have taken their talents to international destinations such as the Bahamas, Mexico, France, New Zealand and Turks & Caicos. Soon, she plans to launch an office in New York City due to demand.