Chioma Nwogu

Dure Events is a full-service Wedding and Event planning company based in Houston, Texas. We specialize in designing & planning Social and Corporate Events and a celebration so dear to my heart, Weddings. We believe that Wedding planning is a journey we take with every couple. With our experience and impeccable attention to detail we create a uniquely styled wedding that will reflect the personalities and relationship of our couple.I have been a weddingevent planner, designer and coordinator for about seven years now. I never thought I would be a Wedding planner. It was a happy accident.

When I started my business, wedding planning was not respected or even acknowledged especially in the Nigerian society. Celebrations such as weddings were catered to and planned by family members and friends, and so people saw no reason to spend the extra cash in hiring a planner. In the spirit of friends plan other friends’ weddings, I took on a wedding and the positive responses I got were overwhelming and that inspired me to go into this line of Service.

My favorite part of wedding planning is definitely the design and production process. My brides get really excited when I pull up their inspirations and color palettes during our design consultation and we look at fabrics, linens, centerpieces, and experiment with textures and colors. I love their reactions, scratch that, their high-pitched screams when we finally conclude on the ceremony and reception designs and layouts.