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Coterie Retreat 2017 Call For Speakers


We are in planning mode for the Coterie Retreat 2017 which will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in December, 2017.  While we typically invite our speakers for each conference, we'd love to learn more about what you can add to our lineup. 

Our Audience

The audience at Coterie Retreat loves engaging and informational presentations. They are not into "fluffy" presentations that make you feel good for a minute, then leave you with no actionable items to apply to your businesses.  

Most talks will be approximately 30 minutes with 10 minutes designated for Q&A.    

Our audience wants to not only hear your story, but the highs and lows of your entrepreneurial journey.  If you are not willing to share mistakes and achievements and exactly how you overcame them, then this isn’t the speaking opportunity for you.  Takeaways -- the audience loves takeaways. You should be ready to provide a download or handout to all attendees during or after your presentation. 

Speaker submission deadline is March 15th. Click here to apply to become a speaker.