Meet the Scholarship Winners!


  For any industry, continuing education is important. In fact, in some industries, it is mandatory.  This is one of the reasons why we feel so strongly about the Coterie Retreat.  It's not just a conference, it's a community of like-minded professionals at various stages in their careers that are looking to sharpen their skills while learning new ones.  It's a community where your peers want nothing but the best for you, and know that when you succeed, we all succeed.  Simply put, it's like a family reunion.

Nevertheless, we understand that while many know the benefits of attending conferences, the financial investment can be an obstacle.

The Coterie Retreat Scholarship was presented to provide an opportunity for someone to attend the conference without the burden of the financial investment. We offered three scholarships this year.  One Full Scholarship and two Half Scholarships.  Applicants were instructed to email a video letting us know why they wanted to attend and what they hoped to gain from the retreat.  Videos were to be sent in by the end of day, Saturday.  And today, we are announcing the winners.


Congrats to the winners!

Half Scholarships went to Amber Knowles of The Amber Studio and Kierra Barnes of Jetaime Productions.  And the Full Scholarship went to Lance of Designs by Devereux.  Below, you can watch his heartfelt video.

Thanks to everyone that took the time out to apply! And congratulations again to our winners.  If you are interested in attending this year's retreat, click here to register. Or you can email us at if you have any registration questions.