DESIGN challenge FAQs

Thank you for participating in our Inaugural Coterie Retreat!  We wanted to answer some of your questions about the Design Challenge, which will take place during the conference.

Q: When will the design challenge take place?
A: Since we have a jammed pack itinerary during the conference, we suggest that you schedule your challenge Tuesday, Dec 9 before 5pm or Friday, Dec 12

Q: How do I pick a team?
A: We have set up a platform for communication at this link. Visit the link to setup your profile and start connecting with other attendees.

Q: How many people can we have on one team?
A: You can have as many team members that you want.  However please keep in mind that you are only to complete one design for this challenge so all team members must work together to create one idea.

Q: I am not a Coterie member but I am attending the retreat. How do I pick a team if I do not know anyone?
A: We encourage everyone to communicate with each other and pick a team via the social site, however we understand that may prove to be difficult for some.  You are not required to only use vendors that are Retreat attendees.  For example, you are a planner who cannot find a photographer and a stationer that you want to work with amongst the attendees,  you can use your personal contacts outside of the group to fill the voids within your team. Please note that at least 1 team member must be an attendee. Only attendees will be listed as official team members.

Q: How do I pick a location?
A: We will provide pictures and a description of the 5 locations available for your shoot.  All locations are on a first come/first serve basis.  Please have a first and second location choice just in case your first choice has already been selected.

Q: Are we allowed to choose a location outside of the 5 chosen locations?
A: No.

Q: All the Locations are outside. What happens if it rains?
A: We will offer each team an indoor option as a back up only inclement weather.

Q: Ok. I have my team. Now what?
A: Please send Neakai Lewis an email with the names and emails of your team members, the date and time of your challenge, your location choice, your theme and if you will need us to provide a 8’ table for your design.  

Q: Will Munaluchi or Innisbrook provide me with any materials?
A: You can request one table when you sign up.  All other materials needed and their transport to the location is the responsibility of each team.

Q: When will the winner be announced?
A: The winner will be announced immediately following the conference. A few of our speakers will be judges for the design challenge, so bring your A-game!

Q: What does the winning team receive?
A: The winning team will receive the title of Design Challenge Champions, 2014, a feature in the next issue of Munaluchi Bride Magazine.

Q: I will have questions during our time slot. Is there anyone available to assist us?
A:  Neakai Lewis will be available via email and in Inverness Hall during the sessions for general questions and to provide the table for your group.  Please keep in mind that this challenge is entirely on your team and Munaluchi cannot assist in any way, as it would show bias toward one team over another.  

Q: Can we use a Model?
A: Sure.  Please note that your team has to secure a model and is responsible for your own casting calls, gown pulls, etc.